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Solar Eclipse Party Challenge!

A solar eclipse… nothing reminds us more about Earth’s place in the Universe. And nothing else reminds us more of just how fragile our stellar home really is.

That’s why the GAEA Project invites you to join us for our 2017 Eclipse Party on August 21, 2017 at the Courtyard Marriott, in  La Vista, NE (near Omaha) .

If you can’t join us in person, please join us online – wherever you are – to view this once in a lifetime experience.


Current Projects

Youth Programs and Education

Hands-on Learning in Outdoor Classrooms

Our edutainment is exciting with greenhouses, hydro farming, indoor edible gardens, adventure sports, and more, all while becoming good environmental ambassadors for life, Learn More

Environmental Tour and Documentary Series

Environmental Education Tour and Video Production

Promoting environmental stewardship, one community at a time. Join us as we host events throughout the continental United States and Canada. GAEA’s TV documentary is filming during this year’s tours and events. Which Hollywood celebrities will make an appearance? Stay tuned., Learn More

Earth Smart Village

Environmental Education Center

Why build ordinary, when we can build extraordinary? Earth Smart Village’s programs will educate children and adults about the importance of environmental stewardship through educational programs and unique experiences, Learn More

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